Hemorrhoid cream - the initial step to treat hemorrhoid

Hemorrhoid cream - the initial step to treat hemorrhoid

Hemorrhoids are one of the most common diseases that you will find. This disease plagues not just men but also women. All people over fifty are fit in order to contract this disease. Hemorrhoid cream is also frequently given to pregnant women since these affect pregnant women also. The hemorrhoid blood vessels enlarge in size for a variety of reasons in pregnant women. The hemorrhoids enlarge because of the pressure that the foetus puts on the belly and the continuous hormonal changes. Both of these factors contribute to hemorrhoids significantly.

Hemorrhoids can Not Only Form During Pregnancy but They Also Form During Child Birth

In the birthing method, the pressure that the woman places after the foetus to let it out causes the hemorrhoid vessel to expand too. Hemorrhoids that are caused during pregnancy or during child birth though are temporary and they dissapear after some time or perhaps with a little help from the hemorrhoid cream.

The Diagnosis of the Hemorrhoid Usually Begins With the Appearance of Blood in the Stool

In the event that blood lasts in the stool for more than a few days then the doctor must be alerted and told about this blood appearing in the a stool. This blood could be a sure symptom of hemorrhoid or it can also be a symptom that can suggest other diseases like cancer in the intestines. So if the blood can last for a few times in the stool that you excrete over few days it is highly recommended that you show yourself in order to a doctor in time and the prescribed medicine will be certainly a hemorrhoid cream.

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Once You Go to the Doctor They Will Go for a Thorough Examination of Your Rectum and Anus

They will try to look for blood vessels that are swollen. This will help them find any external hemorrhoids. They will then tend to look for inner hemorrhoids with the help of lubricated fingers that are sheathed with baseball gloves, they will also perform a digital rectal exam; all of this will help them find abnormalities that are present internally when there are any.

  • A closer examination of the anus or rectum is required then the doctor makes use of a tool called the endoscope.
  • It is actually a tool that is used for viewing hemorrhoids which are present internally.
  • This tool is useless and has a light embedded in it.
  • The shape allows it to move in to the anus without difficulty.
  • A protoscope is another seeing instrument; this has the ability to help the people look at the entire rectum for abnormalities.
Since the symptoms match to those who are shown when people have problems with other gastro diseases it is a common practice to be able to put into action other detailed examinations so as to get rid of the existence of additional conditions and to affirm the disease. Therefore the doctors go for thoroughly examining the intestinal tract. They can use a variety of methods like sigmoidoscopy for lower colon and colonoscopy for the entire colon. Only after hemorrhoids have been confirmed do the doctors recommend the hemorrhoid cream.

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